Snowboarding with GoPro

January 28, 2011 No Comments by admin

Alvin and I attempting to snowboard:

The cool footage that you’ll most likely want to watch:

Well, I decided to get a GoPro HD camera. You’ve probably hear of it before, the small little camera that can be placed anywhere and has a crap load of features for such a small package. Got almost all the mounting hardware they have, because you’ll never know where I might need to stick the camera. The main reason I got it was for when I go scuba diving in the Philippines. So before I go I wanted to test it out and what a better place than the local ski hill.

It was my first time snowboarding ever so there is a lot of non impressive slow motion video of me falling on my ass. I think I may have gotten a concussion on one of my wipe outs..was sore as hell the next few days.

Everything was shot at 720p 60fps then slowed down to 24fps in Premiere. Also wanted to try some motion tracking on After Effects.

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