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So this is the first real video I’ve done with a DSLR. Granted I’ve done video the the Olympus EPL1 for some Photofide projects, but it really doesn’t compare to this. This technically isn’t my camera, but the company where I work for, but I think I’m the only one who will know how to operate it :P And they are wanting me to use all the D7000 has to offer very soon with some employee “how they made a difference in the company” testimonials for a road show that is coming up. So I sure as hell should know the inside and out of this camera quickly.

So, to get more familiar with the video on here I took some footage as I was doing laundry at my apartment. All the footage was shot on the D7000 with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 D lens on manual focus. At first I wasn’t going to do anything with the footage but when I got back I found enough to make something, so I did. The video was edited in Adobe Premier and graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

An important thing I’m learning is to correctly set the white balance before I shoot. It’s not like shooting RAW photos, but more like shooting JPG. To get something with good quality and have it consistent throughout the entire video you wanna get it right in camera.

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  1. Jon
    7 years ago

    Love it. You are a genius on the brink of discovery. Seriously.


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