indiGO-JIB and DIY Dolly

September 16, 2011 1 Comment by admin

So, I got the indiGO-JIB by indiSYSTEM because I want to add some production value to future videos I make. I’ll tell you my experiences with both the jib and the DIY dolly I made.


First I’ll tell you about my limited experience with the indiGO-JIB. I was looking for a jib that was very compact and easy to travel with that also have to be adorable. Not a lot of solutions out there that fit those requirements. But, the indiGO-JIB was a perfect fit. The build quality is very good for the price along with the tolerances. It has three lengths you can use and has 8′ height reach. Even at it’s longest length it’s smooth as butter. I also bought the water jugs but would recommend not using water. If you do use water in them, fill the whole thing up to the top so it does not move around. I was noticing when I was doing some faster movements that at the end the water was still moving and causing the camera to jiggle along with it. I’d use sand with the jugs or use some other solid weights. What I really like it the fine tuning of the weight on the back thingy, makes dialing the balance in really easy n fast. One thing I wish it did have was some sort of breaking to stop the jib from moving up or down. And I know I’m also going to need some practice to get smooth movements from the jib.

Photo courtesy of indiSYSTEM

DIY Dolly

Now I decided to make my own dolly because I could not justify the cost of buying one. I looked around online to see what other people have created and came up with my own design that I thought was the best of everything I saw. I decided to go with PVC because it’s cheap and easy to work with. The total for this project was roughly $100, the most expensive part being the wheels and bearings being 3/4 the cost. I also designed this to be compact as I found a PVC coupler that I can unscrew in the middle for compact traveling. The hardest part was to come up with a way to have the tripod on the actual dolly. I happen to find these 1″ to 2″ adapters that were tapered on the inside and fit tripod feet perfectly! The rig itself is very very smooth, even I was impressed. but, like with the jib, it will take some practice to get smooth sliding shots. I might add a little winch type thing to reel the dolly instead of me pulling it. The track cross members can be taking off for, again, compact traveling. I would also recommend using a sturdy/stable tripod for this kind of setup. I tried a cheap light one and it moved a lot when on the dolly.

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  1. Mike Folden
    6 years ago

    Very cool! I bought a Cobra Crane dolly and built the tracks. Very similar to your set up. I’ve really been wanting a crane/jib and looking to pick one up soon.

    Thanks for the info!


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