05 Oct


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Chad, a friend of a friend does some rally car racing and decided to stop on out to film it. I’ve always wanted to rally car race, and with the Wisconsin Autosports Group anybody can give it a shot. I was going to register my car but I need it to last lol. Also got […]

16 Sep

indiGO-JIB and DIY Dolly

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So, I got the indiGO-JIB by indiSYSTEM because I want to add some production value to future videos I make. I’ll tell you my experiences with both the jib and the DIY dolly I made. indiGO-JIB First I’ll tell you about my limited experience with the indiGO-JIB. I was looking for a jib that was […]

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day

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Well, It’s the dreaded Valentine’s Day. And to commemorate my singleness I created this personal ad video thingy for all the interested single ladies out there. I was going to try some of those “online” dating sites, but figured this would be much more effective to capture my personality…

28 Jan

Snowboarding with GoPro

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Well, I decided to get a GoPro HD camera. You’ve probably hear of it before, the small little camera that can be placed anywhere and has a crap load of features for such a small package. Got almost all the mounting hardware they have, because you’ll never know where I might need to stick the camera.

21 Jan

Orzo Chicken

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Alrighty, my second video, wooo! Got a pretty good hang of this video on the D7000 now and I’m loving it. The quality you can get from these video DSLR’s is quite amazing. What I really like is the interchangeable lens. So this video of me cooking Orzo Chicken (recipe can be found below) was […]

15 Jan


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So this is the first real video I’ve done with a DSLR. Granted I’ve done video the the Olympus EPL1 for some Photofide projects, but it really doesn’t compare to this. This technically isn’t my camera, but the company where I work for, but I think I’m the only one who will know how to […]

15 Jan

Hello world!

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Thought I’d create a blog on my adventures into video making. So enjoy my creations!